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"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."
-Dorothea Lange

"I love to LAUGH, I love to travel, I LIVE (and I love) to eat (all day),I love my healthy lifestyle but obviously enjoy a good "pain au chocolate" every once in a while, I love sunrises and wish I could enjoy them more often,but I am not a morning person, and I get nostalgic every day when the sun sets. 

I am inspired by life and by love and the relationships these create.  I want to capture these instants in time, where we can always look back and it will bring our mind and soul to that memorable moment to relive it, even for just a tiny speck of time.  These moments, framed in our minds and hearts are what make up part of our happy moments.  It is a privilege to photograph children and their loved ones and this has become one of the grandest pleasures and inspirations in my life.

I love to meet new families.  If you are in Baltimore, or the surrounding DC areas, even Philly, I want to meet you and your beautiful family!