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HEY! HI! (in real life I'll never say an actual "hello" and I'll definitely give you a hug, especially after our session together because after spending time together, you made my xmas card list!)

You made it to my About page!  Thank you for taking the time to scroll through and make it to here!  Not because it's "about me", but because if you and I have anything in common, then we already have a connection!  We can talk food, travel, family, photography (in any order, really) and what we value most in life.  We can even do that over coffee or tea and talk about what memories you'd love to capture during a photo session!  If you think you and I are a good match after you've read a little about me, then shoot me an email and we can start planning your amazing session together!



First and foremost, let me say that it is a privilege and an honor for you to allow me into your lives to photograph you.  I am inspired by life and by love.

These moments you share in front of my camera are an intimate reflection of your reality. I will strive to capture who you are; your essence, how you embrace each other - the fierce love you have for life and adventure, how you look into your loved ones' eyes and connect in a unique way that only you two share.  I will use my medium to freeze time for an instant for you to look back onto years from now, and bring your mind and soul to that memorable moment to relive it - even for just a tiny speck of time. It will remind you how you felt with your loved ones in your arms, it will show your kids how young you were when they were babies, it will remind you once again about the dreams you once had.  These moments, framed in our minds and hearts are what make up part of our happy moments in the present and the future.  

The photographs I capture are made to be put in a frame, hung on a wall, bound in an album and preserved for years to come.  They are made with love for you to always look at, so that when you pass by them, you can not help but smile.



Well, my friends and family call me Maife (a short version of Maria Fernanda) except my husband, he calls me by my full name.

"I love to LAUGH (you know, one of those good old belly laughs - and that my friends is why I have pronounced laugh lines!) and smile (my youngest son always asks me why I carry a grin on my face all the time...dind't realize I did, I love to travel, I LIVE (and I love) to eat (all day - who said avocado?).  

Living a healthy lifestyle is another passion, but I will throw that salad out the window if you offer me a "pain au chocolate", or cheese, or a piece of very very dark chocolate.

If you tell me I will see the most memorable of sunrises I will get up and join you and count my blessings as the day begins!  I only wish I was more of a morning person and maybe I'd get to see them everyday.  

I love hiking and trekking with my family and live for our summer vacations at the beach in Costa Rica.  

I wouldn't want to imagine what my life would be like without my best friend; my husband.  As the years pass, we grow closer to each other, we laugh our heads off (just the two of us...I'm always laughing but he's more of a serious guy in public), we gossip like teenagers and we love to cuddle up and watch an hour of trailers...because that's better than nothing - as we never go to the movies.

My kids are everything, they have been my teachers, my inspiration and my reason to fight everyday for what I love.

I am extremely nostalgic and am a sucker for going through the same old shoe boxes at my parents house and looking at each old 4x5 photo (double copies, please) year after year, or look through those wedding albums that are falling apart.  They never get old!  The passing of time is still a mystery to me.  Oh, and Black and white imagery totally captivates me!

Little things I love:  stationary (It's not like I have entire drawers full of stuff I never use - they're just pretty to look at - maybe someday I'll use the pretty paper, the pencils, the clips...), ranunculus, tulips and Juliet roses, avocado (did I mention that already?), food (hmm, I think I already wrote that too), the beach, period films, a good netflix binge - like finishing an entire season in a couple of days type of binge, talking on the phone for hours (always have), good coffee, coffee mugs, collecting empty glass bottles?, Vouvray (if you ever gift me a bottle I will love you forever), my camera, printing photos on beautiful papers, soft rugs, cuddling up with a heavy blanket on my couch (or bed), oh, and last but not least, I use a lot of (parenthesis - because there is always some other detail I want to add) and I excessively use TRIPLE EXCLAMATION POINTS for everything!!! (except on this page - don't want to scare you off with so much excitement!!!)


I love to meet new families!  If you are in Baltimore, or the surrounding DC areas, even Philly, then I want to meet you and your beautiful family!  I want to photograph you, I want to give you memories!  I'll travel anywhere where so don't be shy to connect even if you're a little far away!